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Ask Your Angels
by Mary Silvernail

My entire life I have been strongly connected with the Angels clairvoyantly and clairaudiently. They have always guided and protected me throughout my life and assist me in my readings and healing work.

Here are some answers to questions that I am sure can help you: 

Q: If my Guardian Angel has been there for me since my birth to help me fulfill my life's purpose, why did I lose my connection to him?

A: We lose connection with our Guardian Angel and many times with our own power as we grow due to allowing others to influence our original knowing. This disconnects us from our connection with Spirit. This happens when we do not follow the original instructions - our assignment that was written on our hearts by Great Spirit at our time of birth. In other words, we lose touch by not having the courage to be fully ourselves and to follow the promptings that come from inside. Get in touch with your inner self and you will restore your connection with your Guardian Angel -- and your own power.

Q: Is there a special Angel I can turn to help me have more patience with the people around me and my circumstances?

A: Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of love, joy and peace. Light a pale pink candle and say a prayer to Archangel Chamuel to surround you in his pink mist of love and peace. This will give you the patience you require while dealing with others. Contemplate on this quote by Ken Keyes, Jr., from The Handbook of Higher Consciousness: "A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror."

Q: I am habitually late. It is now effecting my job. I realize that it is because I am always trying to do so much because of all my responsibilities, but for some reason I continue to be late. I need help.

A: There can be many psychological reasons why you are in this habit of being late. I suggest you speak to a counselor about this to explore what the origin is for this behavior. You can also ask Archangel Metatron to help you get your time management under control. Just get very quiet and allow Metatron, in all his brilliant glory, to come to your mind. Then askhim to help you stay on schedule by stretching the minutes and hours in the day to giveyou more time to complete your tasks. Also, to remind you when it is time to be on your way to work or any other obligation.

Q: While vacationing I had a motor scooter accident and broke my ankle. Out of nowhere an extraordinarily handsome man appeared and comforted me until help arrived. No one else had seen the man in white, but me. I truly believe he was an Angel. How can I thank him for his help?

A: I agree with you. Sure sounds like an Angel encounter to me. You can thank him in many different ways. However, the key ingredient in order to offer your gratitude to this Angel, you must honor him. Perhaps you go to a church or even at home, light a candle in his honor and say a prayer of thanks. Or you can write him a thank you letter and then put it in a safe place or burn it. You could also make an anonymous donation to an organization that helps others. Whatever feels right to you, as long as you honor him.

Q: I come from a very large family and it is my turn to cook the Holiday dinner at my home this year. What Angel can help me with all this preparation. I just want everything to go perfectly.

A: Be sure to invite Archangel Barchiel to your Holiday party to make your feast complete. Barchiel is in charge of providing the Blessing of plenty. Archangel Barchiel will be sure to make sure that there is more than enough food for all and at the same time bring cooperation and congeniality from all that attend. Enjoy!

Q: Since getting divorced, moving to a new home and getting a new job, I want to concentrate on my future. I want to move ahead and remove any obstacles in my way. How can the Angels help me with that?

A: Congratulations on all the new opportunities you are being presented with in your life. To move ahead in a positive way to a bright future, simply ask for the help of Gediel who will keep you focused on your future and Hope who will keep you feeling optimistic and comfort you in knowing that all will turn out well. Ask for their assistance especially at the time of the New Moon which concentrates the Universe's energies on new beginnings.

Many Divine Blessings of Love & Light.

Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT
Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
Lineage:  Attuned by William Lee Rand

© copyright 2014 Mary Silvernail

For Information:

Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT – Psychic Astrologer & Healer may be reached at:

Hope Hypnosis & Holistic Center, LLC, 465 Rt. 9, Waretown, NJ 08758

609-242-3900 or www.hopehypnosis.com

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  All About Angels 

by Mary Silvernail

Angel Gadiel

 Since the age of four I have been in daily communication with the Angels. This column is here for you in order to help some of you who have not had the previous understanding of Angels to realize that they are just waiting in the wings to come to your aid in every area of your life. All the Angels have different special qualities that can help you.

Due to the current economy and shortage of jobs many people find themselves having to perhaps start over in a brand new career; sometimes at the latter stages of life. I have seen many of my clients who come to me in my hypnotherapy and metaphysical practice dealing with this exact issue. If you find yourself in this predicament, you can call upon

(pray to) Archangel Metatron to help you make this huge change in your life. Metatron is the strongest of all the Archangels and will give you strength during any major life changes.

For any type of stress, I strongly recommend meditation. Many people tell me they don’t know how to meditate. All you have to do is find a quite place, sometimes the only quite place may be in your parked car. Once in a quite, safe place, just close your eyes and go within. It may be nice to listen to soothing instrumental or new age music and possibly burn a little incense for the relaxing effect. Five minutes of deep meditation can feel like an hours worth of sleep. Once you are able to find that special place within, ask Archangel Uriel to join you. Uriel will help inspire you and help you find those answers you seek from within that sometimes seem unattainable to us in this Earthly environment.

Many times there is stress in our relationships with our loved ones simply due to miscommunications. If you have a loved one that just does not seem to understand the point that you are trying to get across to him/her. Just simply call upon Archangel Gabriel (the Messenger) to assist you the next time you are having a conversation with that loved one, so that you may get your point across more clearly and so that the other party will have a clear understanding. Also, realize that when you do this, Gabriel will automatically assist the other person in getting what they have to communicate over to you crystal clear, too.

With this type of assistance from Archangel Gabriel it can bring much peace to a relationship that was a bit tense simply due to a lack of clear communication.It is my purpose in life to assist others in need with the knowledge and Divine Blessings bestowed upon me through the help of the Angels. Allow the Angels to enter through the pathway of your heart and they will always be there to assist you.

With the economical problems of our current times, many people are faced with having to either sell their homes for less than they had paid for the home or some people are even dealing with foreclosure. Being presented with either one of these scenarios can be devastating.

Besides having to deal with the economic trauma of it all, the family then also has to find a new place to call home. This in itself is one of the highest stress factors that a person can deal with in their lives.

It is imperative to try as hard as you can to view this as a new beginning instead of an ending. It is such a wonderful adventure to move to a new location and meet new neighbors. It can open up all new avenues in your life and opportunities that had never been presented to you before. If you or someone you know is faced with this transition, it is a time to call upon the help of Angel Domiel. Domiel will first help you to find a new home that is right for you and your family. Then he will help you to find the joy and happiness in the experience of a new location.

Even if you are a first time home buyer or apartment renter, call upon Angel Domiel to help you find the perfect home for you. You can say a prayer to him to help you with this and he will immediately come and assist you.

Remember, life is constant change. Without experiencing changes in life it would not be the wonderful journey that it is.

I help people everyday in my office to deal with life situations that require change. Sometimes it is helping them change an unwanted habit, such as smoking or overeating, through hypnosis. Or it maybe that I help them through a life changing event that has been out of their control. Whether it is in a psychic astrology reading, hypnotherapy or energy healing, the Angels are always there to assist me and to help guide them to the best healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. All the Angels are always waiting in the wings to be assistance. All you have to do is say a simple prayer and they will immediately come to your aid.


Many Divine Blessings of Love & Light.
Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT
© copyright 2015 Mary Silvernail
For Information:
Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT – Psychic Astrologer & Healer may be reached at:
Hope Hypnosis & Holistic Center, LLC, 465 Rt. 9, Waretown, NJ 08758
609-242-3900 or www.hopehypnosis.com

Mary Silvernail

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