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A reading with Mary Silvernail consists of a combination of Astrology, Angels and Channeling of loved ones who's souls have passed over to the other side of the veil. You will receive the answers that you seek regarding all areas of existence. The past, present and future of yourself, loved ones or pets. Her psychic gifts are truly amazing.

Through her blessed psychic gifts she has saved lives by predicting illnesses before they turn to serious health issues. She has also helped relatives find lost loved ones as well as helping people throughout the world regarding issues involving love, money, career and health.

Mary Silvernail is available for private readings, parties, speaking engagements, home and business clearings.
Mary Silvernail
Horoscope Columnist of Many Newspapers
Professional Astrologer
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Monthly Horoscope

Your December 2017 Horoscope
by Mary Silvernail
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For Entertainment Purposes Only
ARIES – March 21/April 20
Business and employment are areas that need some improvement. Next month will be much better. Travel is very much on your mind at this time. Relax and enjoy.
TAURUS – April 21/May 21
Venus is shining down its loving light regarding your intimate relationships. This holiday season finds you lovebirds getting even closer than ever before.

GEMINI – May22/June 21
Home and family are your focus this month. Joy and peace abound in your world at this time. The Gemini Full Moon intensifies these feelings on the 3rd.

CANCER – June 22/July 22
Work is highlighted in your chart this month. A coworker notices your holiday spirit and sees you in a different shining light and likes it. You are a hit at the holiday party!

LEO – July 23/August 23
Winter romance will be twinkling this holiday season, dear Leo. The stars are shining very positively on romance, creativity and children. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

VIRGO – August 24/September 22
It is time to make any major changes. Friends bring you comfort. Cupid’s arrow may not be far away. Oh sweet love.

LIBRA – September 23/October 23
Home for the Holidays is in your stars. Family brings much joy. You will receive some inspiration from a family member at this time that can help you get to where you need be.
SCORPIO – October 24/November 22
Your aura is all aglow like the holiday lights. You are simply irresistible!
In the business arena, be careful what you say. You will be held accountable.
SAGITTARIUS – November 23/December 21
Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! It is your month to shine! Oh, what a bright star you are!
It seems whatever you touch turns to gold. This is a good month for investments.
CAPRICORN – December 22/January 20
You are busy, busy, busy. You have to set aside time for YOU though. Make it a priority this month to start an exercise regimen. Your thinking is crystal clear.
AQUARIUS – January 21/February 18
Making new friends is highlighted this month. Go to those holiday parties; Mr. or Mrs. Right maybe there. After all, you are the flavor of the month!
PISCES - February 19/March 20
The stars this month especially highlight your career and your home. Make both a priority this month and you will come out smelling like a rose.

Your January 2018 Horoscope
by Mary Silvernail Astrologer
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For entertainment purposes only

ARIES – March 21/April 20
Your hard work will continue through Spring, but reaping the rewards will be well worth it. You are the top shining star and the flavor of the month!

TAURUS – April 21/May 21
Your career soars to new peaks of success. Good fortune comes from new acquaintances and long trips that are of business and pleasure.

GEMINI – May22/June 21
An unexpected, yet fortunate change occurs on your career path. Be sure to double check taxes and estate issues.

CANCER – June 22/July 22
With this month’s Full Moon you will reap the benefits of everything you have worked for in 2017. You will shine!

LEO – July 23/August 23
You are about to experience great rewards and abundance regarding your career especially at the time of the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st. Partners offer loving encouragement.

VIRGO – August 24/September 22
New beginnings in love abound. Watch for the changing of the guard in all work and partnership relations. Do not fear, dear Virgo, change can be good.

LIBRA – September 23/October 23
If finances permit, this would be a great time to purchase a second home as an investment. Love can be overwhelming at this time.

SCORPIO – October 24/November 22
Your luck is about to turn on an upward swing by the latter part of this month. Children bring you joy.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23/December 21
If you are thinking of moving to a new location, this is the time to set the wheels in motion.

CAPRICORN – December 22/January 20
Happy Birthday, Capricorn! It is your month to shine! You are starting the New Year with a new and improved you. The world is your oyster. Go get ‘em.

AQUARIUS – January 21/February 18
What once brought you joy has lost its sizzle. Off with the old and on with the new.
No more rehashing an old argument that nobody wins.

PISCES - February 19/March 20
Opportunities abound through associates and friends. Network, network, network!
Be careful of decisions at this time regarding your personal life due to Neptune in Pisces.

Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac with the teacher, Saturn, as its ruler. The colors black and royal blue are associated with the sign of Capricorn. Garnet and onyx are Capricorn’s gems. Capricorns are loyal, faithful, practical and carry themselves with much dignity. Their downfalls can be their possessive, jealous nature and that they are the workaholics of the zodiac.

Happy New Year!!!
A dynamic Cancer Full Moon on January 1 brings whatever emotions that have been boiling to a full boil. It is further activated by this Full Moon in the water sign of Cancer being part of a Grand Trine with Mars and Jupiter also in water signs. It is a time of great insight and intuition. This is the time for positive transformation. Amping up the transformation is Uranus in Aries stationing direct after a long five month retrograde on January 2.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 16 asks us to reconnect and reclaim our power to our own lives. Besides the Moon and the Sun in the sign of Capricorn, they are joined by Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn bringing about a tremendous Capricorn force to get the authority and direction of our lives back in our hands so that we hold the reins.

This Capricorn New Moon also squares Pluto so be ready for sudden changes.

On January 31 the Leo Lunar Eclipse is all about LOVE!!! Look back to the Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 as a reference point to how you have been giving and receiving love. Then look back on your love life for the past 19 years to 1999 when the same Eclipse occurred. How would you view the story of your love life since 1999?

“Whenever you have become static, stagnant, or comfortably asleep in the way you identified your reality, you are being asked to consciously embrace the volcanic energy of change.” (Ariel Spilsbury, The 13-Moon Oracle)

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year!

~ Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT ~

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Many Bright Blessings of Light & Love

Angel Reading

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Find out in a reading with Mary Silvernail.
Plus, your life's purpose, your power stones power colors
and of course your future and connect with loved ones passed the veil...
I was honored to be a guest on
" Tuning Into Your Angels "
filmed April 29, 2017.

All About Angels

by Mary Silvernail Astrologer

Archangel Michael
Due to the troubling times upon us here on earth as we start the year 2018, I felt that many could benefit from an understanding of a most powerful Archangel, Michael. Archangel Michael is considered by many to be the Protector of the Earth, to cover and protect us and hold us dear. Archangel Michael empowers us to seek, explore and evolve in the sanctuary of his grace and protection. His name means “he who is like God”.
He heals our fears and nervousness and is certainly the one to call upon if clearing of negative energies surrounding us is needed.

To connect with Archangel Michael at anytime you need his help. Simply say this simply prayer: “Archangel Michael, I need you now.” Instantaneously he will be at your side to guide and protect you.

He is also the Angel who is assigned to come to us to carry us to the glorious heavens at the time of our departure from this earth. If you are present at the passing of or hear of a soul passing, simply say a prayer to Archangel Michael to protect and carry the soul of that individual straight to the white light.

In my readings and healing sessions, I call upon Archangel Michael quite often to heal the negative issues in a person’s life and to empower them to strive for their goals. When I do this Michael’s energy actually delightfully fills the room. His energy is extremely powerful and unmistakable.

Many Divine Blessings.
Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT
© copyright 2018 Mary Silvernail
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Monthly Angel Column

Portrait of An Angel — Hypnosis therapy astrology and reiki healing in Waretown, NJ

All About Angels

by Mary Silvernail — Psychic Astrologer
Due to the current stress of today’s society, I have noticed more and more in my hypnotherapy practice that many people have been turning to substance abuse in order to self-medicate themselves. It temporarily numbs the pain, but then soon the person may notice they have become addicted to the substance. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or even food, the Angels are just waiting to help. Here is a meditation that involves two Archangels; Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael that you can do in order to help you.

Substance Abuse Meditation
Call upon Archangel Michael to give you strength and empower you to overcome the addiction. Sit in a comfortable chair with both feet on the ground. Imagine whatever it is that you are addicted to sitting on your lap. Now, imagine the items floating about one foot above your lap in front of your belly. Imagine there are cords that connect these items to your stomach. The cords look something like the roots of a tree. Now, mentally ask Archangel Raphael to cut those cords completely. As the cords are cut, notice the items falling away easily from you. Ask Archangel Raphael to surround your belly with his healing emerald green light in order to heal any old wounds. Then ask Raphael to surround you completely with his emerald green light so that full healing can ensue.
Now, breathe in Raphael’s green healing light and fill all those empty spots that need fulfillment with Raphael’s love and healing energy. Finally thank Archangel Raphael for your healing and ask Archangel Michael to continue to walk with through and empower you on your journey of healing.

Since the age of four I have been in daily communication with the Angels. This column is here for you in order to help some of you who have not had the previous understanding of Angels to realize that they are just waiting in the wings to come to your aid in every area of your life. All the Angels have different special qualities that can help you.

Allow the Angels to enter through the pathway of your heart and they will always be there to assist you.

Here are some answers to questions that I am sure can help you:
Q: If my Guardian Angel has been there for me since my birth to help me fulfill my life's purpose, why did I lose my connection to him?
A: We lose connection with our Guardian Angel and many times with our own power as we grow due to allowing others to influence our original knowing. This disconnects us from our connection with Spirit. This happens when we do not follow the original instructions - our assignment that was written on our hearts by Great Spirit at our time of birth. In other words, we lose touch by not having the courage to be fully ourselves and to follow the promptings that come from inside. Get in touch with your inner self and you will restore your connection with your Guardian Angel -- and your own power.
Q: Is there a special Angel I can turn to help me have more patience with the people around me and my circumstances?
A: Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of love, joy and peace. Light a pale pink candle and say a prayer to Archangel Chamuel to surround you in his pink mist of love and peace. This will give you the patience you require while dealing with others. Contemplate on this quote by Ken Keyes, Jr., from The Handbook of Higher Consciousness: "A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror."
Q: I am habitually late. It is now effecting my job. I realize that it is because I am always trying to do so much because of all my responsibilities, but for some reason I continue to be late. I need help.
A: There can be many psychological reasons why you are in this habit of being late. I suggest you speak to a counselor about this to explore what the origin is for this behavior. You can also ask Archangel Metatron to help you get your time management under control. Just get very quiet and allow Metatron, in all his brilliant glory, to come to your mind. Then ask him to help you stay on schedule by stretching the minutes and hours in the day to give you more time to complete your tasks. Also, to remind you when it is time to be on your way to work or any other obligation.
Q: While vacationing I had a motor scooter accident and broke my ankle. Out of nowhere an extraordinarily handsome man appeared and comforted me until help arrived. No one else had seen the man in white, but me. I truly believe he was an Angel. How can I thank him for his help?
A: I agree with you. Sure sounds like an Angel encounter to me. You can thank him in many different ways. However, the key ingredient in order to offer your gratitude to this Angel, you must honor him. Perhaps you go to a church or even at home, light a candle in his honor and say a prayer of thanks. Or you can write him a thank you letter and then put it in a safe place or burn it. You could also make an anonymous donation to an organization that helps others. Whatever feels right to you, as long as you honor him.
Q: I come from a very large family and it is my turn to cook the Holiday dinner at my home this year. What Angel can help me with all this preparation. I just want everything to go perfectly.
A: Be sure to invite Archangel Barchiel to your Holiday party to make your feast complete. Barchiel is in charge of providing the Blessing of plenty. Archangel Barchiel will be sure to make sure that there is more than enough food for all and at the same time bring cooperation and congeniality from all that attend. Enjoy!
Q: Since getting divorced, moving to a new home and getting a new job, I want to concentrate on my future. I want to move ahead and remove any obstacles in my way. How can the Angels help me with that?
A: Congratulations on all the new opportunities you are being presented with in your life. To move ahead in a positive way to a bright future, simply ask for the help of Gediel who will keep you focused on your future and Hope who will keep you feeling optimistic and comfort you in knowing that all will turn out well. Ask for their assistance especially at the time of the New Moon which concentrates the Universe's energies on new beginnings.
Many Divine Blessings.
Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT
© copyright 2017 Mary Silvernail
For Information:
Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT – Psychic Astrologer & Clinical Hypnotist may be reached at:
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Unique Reports

Personalized just for you

Edgar Cayce — Hypnosis therapy astrology and reiki healing in Waretown, NJ
Who Was Edgar Cayce?
Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an average individual in most respects. Yet, throughout his life, he manifested one of the more remarkable psychic talents of all time. While in a trance-like state, he could answer questions or give accurate discourses on any topic. These discourses, called “readings” numbered more than 14,000 and were transcribed as he spoke.
Give the name and location of an individual anywhere in the world, Cayce could correctly describe a person's physical condition and outline a holistic approach to his or her treatment. Eventually, the scope of Cayce's readings expanded to include such subjects as astrology and planetary influences, philosophy, dreams and their meaning, ancient civilizations, the missing years of Jesus, soul growth, psychic development and prophecy and reincarnation.
An image of Astrology — Hypnosis therapy astrology and reiki healing in Waretown, NJ

Past-Life Profile

Past Life — Hypnosis therapy astrology and reiki healing in Waretown, NJ
The Only Chart that Tells About Your Past Lives
This Past-Life Profile is unique. Based on extensive research into the Edgar Cayce readings that detected correlations between astrological influences and past life experiences, this profile compares your birth data with those who had life readings from Edgar Cayce. You receive your horoscope with aspects and a past-life profile, outlining several suggested past incarnations and their possible influences on your life today, This one is called our more intriguing chart!

Average 12 pages.
Price = $20.00

Numerology Profile

Numerology — Hypnosis therapy astrology and reiki healing in Waretown, NJ
Your Life In Numbers
The numerical patterns associated with your name and birth dates can tell you much about your personality, desires and the direction of your life's path. The day on which you were born and the name given you are significant in numerology as they not only provide you with insight on who you are now, but also allude to the best times to pursue specific goals with work, relationships and finances.

Averages 9 pages
Price = $15.00

Relationship Profile

Relationship — Hypnosis therapy astrology and reiki healing in Waretown, NJ
Make Your Relationships Strong and Fulfilling
Our Relationship Profile gives you insights into any relationship – friends and relatives or romantic partners. First, we calculate the astrology for the two people, then company the planets and house of each and, finally produces a comprehensive interpretation of the forces influencing the relationship. Please include the birth data for both people on your order forms.

Averages 18 pages
Price = $35.00
Order Your Report TODAY!

Personalized Guardian Angel Charts

Hope Hypnosis and Holistic Center provides personalized guardian angel charts by Mary Silvernail. These are a wonderful and beautiful gift idea.
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